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Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a small 2 hectare private island in between Kannur and Thalassery. It lies 100 metres from the mainland at Dharmadam. This island, covered with coconut palms and dense bush is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. Permission is required to land on the island as it is privately owned.

  • Location: Dhamadam, 17 kms south of Kannur, 4 kms north of Thalassery
  • Thalassery Fort

    Thalaserry fort, located at a distance of 22 kms from Kannur constructed in 1708 AD was the military centre of the British. The famous St.John's Anglican church is behind this fort.The fort was once the nucleus of Thalaserry's development.

  • Location: Thalassery, 21 kms south of Kannur.
  • Overbury's Folly

    Overbury's Folly is a picnic spot named after E N Overbury, a British Sub-collector. It is located at Thalassery. It is an unfinished construction, or architectural folly, that now serves as a recreational park.

  • Location: Thalassery, 21 kms south of Kannur.
  • Madayipara

    Madayipara Madayipara is a flat topped hillock located in the Madayi, of Kannur district of Kerala state in the Southern India. It is overlooking Payangadi town on the northern bank of Kuppam river.

  • Location: Madayi, 25 kms north of Kannur
  • Payyambalam Beach

    Payyambalam Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Kerala is at a distance of 2 km from Kannur town. This beautiful stretch of sand and surf is the best place for a relaxing holiday.

  • Location: Payyambalam, 2 kms from Kannur.
  • Pythal Mala/Vaithal Mala

    The 300 acre wide sprawling area is a safe home to numerous birds, hundreds of butterflies, rare plants and trees. Even during this sweltering summer at Paithal Mala one can relish a real cool climate. En route to the top of the hill one can see the remains of the run down palace of the tribal king called Vaithalkon.

  • Location: 65 kms north east of Kannur.
  • Arakkal Museum

    The Arrakkal Museum is a museum dedicated to the Arakkal family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala, south India. The museum is actually a section of the Arakkalkettu (Arakkal Palace). The durbar hall section of the palace has been converted into a museum by the Government of Kerala.

  • Location: 3 kms from Kannur
  • Aralam Wlidlife Sacntuary

    The Aralam Sanctuary is located on the western slopes of the Western Ghats. It is the northern most wildlife sanctuary of Kerala. It was established in 1984. The headquarters of the sanctuary is near Iritty, a small town about 55 kms from Kannur.

  • Location: Aralam, 65 kms east of Kannur.
  • Kannur Fort

    The fort is in Cannanore cantonment area. St Angelo's fort is a most important historical monument and a good tourist centre. Here Kerala Police have posted 6 Tourism Policemen for the protection and guidance to the tourists.

  • Location: 3 kms from Kannur
  • Kavvayi Backwaters/Valiyaparamba Island

    (50 kms from Kannur) –Kavvayi Backwaters located near Payyannur is the third largest backwater in Kerala and the largest one in north Kerala. The Kavvayi Kayal(Backwaters) is dotted with several small and large islands. Valiyaparamba island is the largest among them and stretches over 16 km2.

  • Location: 50 kms north of Kannur.